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What Childcare Financial Assistance Programs Are Available?

Childcare can be expensive! Sometimes, the cost of childcare can be an indicator of the quality of care. Never settle for cheap childcare services that may put your child at risk for neglect or abuse! A business that charges reasonable rates indicates it has responsible, educated employees and places a high value on quality childcare.

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Daycare Encourages Child Development

If you’re like most busy parents, you’ve probably experienced parent guilt. When you have work requirements, school deadlines, bills, appointments, grocery shopping, and dozens of other tasks, it’s understandable to wonder if you’re doing enough to support your child’s development. It is incredibly challenging to balance the needs of a child in the shuffle and

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How Involved Are Daycare Parents?

It’s common knowledge that children need a lot of TLC. Invested, involved parents help children establish emotional stability, allowing them to focus on learning and developing. Daycare parents are sometimes stereotyped as not caring about their children. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, daycare parents are very involved with their child’s

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