Welcome to Early Bird Education Group

Creating a safe, stimulating learning environment for our children to develop and grow.

Early Bird Education Group is an owner and operator of a network of high quality early childhood education schools across the United States. As a group, we work to support our schools and educators to provide a safe, stimulating learning environment for children to develop and grow in.

Our Approach


Safe Loving Environment

Health, safety and comfort above all. We prioritize fostering a safe, loving environment with attentive care for our children to play and learn in. Everything else falls into place if this is taken care of.

Passionate Team

This is a career for us, not a job. We strive to surround ourselves with professionals that are passionate about early childhood education. We love working with children and taking part in their development.

Local Identity

Our unique characteristics derive from the local community. We are fundamentally family-oriented and “mom-and-pop” in how immersed we are with the neighborhoods we serve. Each school has adopted an identity commensurate with the unique needs of the local community.

Educational Focus

We are more than just a “daycare”. As educators we take pride in being an integral part of our children’s early learning years. We maintain quality curriculum and programming to ensure our children are learning socially, emotionally, physically and academically to be kindergarten-ready and beyond.

Our Schools

Our schools all have their own unique, local identities but they all share our values of delivering a quality early childhood education program.