Looking to Transition from Childcare?

Early Bird Education Group is self-funded by the founding partners and is not backed by private equity or institutional investors. We believe this aligns us strongly with the family-oriented culture cultivated at independently owned schools. Early Bird was founded with the goal of becoming the preferred second “home” for quality, independently run schools whose owners are seeking retirement or a different path in life.

Core Tenants of Partnership

Maintaining your legacy

It is our priority to maintain each school’s hard-earned, unique brand, reputation, culture and staff, which we believe to be core to each school’s sustained success. We aim to be non-disruptive to each school’s established systems and instead strive to play a supportive, “behind-the-scenes” role. Through all of our acquisitions, we have experienced minimal disruption and have not lost any families or staff due to the transition.

Empowering existing staff

We strive to retain all existing staff and improve their quality of life by offering full medical benefits and career advancement opportunities within the broader Early Bird family. Existing directors have been empowered to grow fully into their full potential as leaders and numerous teachers have been promoted into administrative leadership roles.

Patient, long-term stewardship

We seek to be in the industry for the long term. As a result, we make decisions that prioritize a school’s long-term excellence over short term profits.

Growth focused philosophy

We are fundamentally growth-oriented in our operating philosophy. We seek to improve our schools by investing in and supporting growth initiatives, such as in new technology and facilities improvements. We have invested significantly in new technology, headcount, wages & benefits, fixtures and facilities improvements across our schools.

Please reach out if you’d like more information on potentially transitioning your school(s) to us.